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An Update From Paradise

February 25th, 2011

Welcome to an update from Paradise!  The beachfront vacation rentals and villas of the Casa de la Sirena compound are unprecedented for R & R.  Beachfront Barefoot Luxury is a phrase many return guests used to describe our compound.


Just click the link above and fill out the form.  It is that easy.  We’ll draw the winner on July 4th, 2011 and notify you by email.   And check out our 25% off special!

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The 2010-2011 turtle hatching  season has  been the best one anyone can remember.   The continued conservation and awareness on our beach is something that we are all proud of.  These magnificent creatures have a difficult journey to adulthood and our beach is making a difference!  Our guests have been delighted for months with seeing baby hatchlings racing for ocean.

Sea Turtles turtles


The 2nd annual Troncones Fair (yes…think small county fair where everyone knows everyone!)  is scheduled February 18th – 28th.    It is just SO MUCH FUN! It is becoming yet another reason that February is always the most popular month for guests to vacation in our village.  Most of our local restaurants all have food booths….so the food is amazing.  There are families everywhere, rides, dances, rodeos, bands……the fun is non stop!  And, where there is a fair, there must be a Fair Queen!  The competition is heating up with contestants.   Last night we went to 2 kermes (fundraising events) for 2 different contestants.  Again, we had had SO MUCH FUN!    Local ladies cooking , dancing, families out and about supporting their favorite candidate.   One of our guests that was with us commented “if there is another Troncones, I think it’s called heaven”!

fair Fair--2011-011


“MAN!  This place has never looked better!” With our wonderful staff, we have re-design gardens, updated decorating touches & painting projects and are just so proud to remain the premier beachfront accommodation in our area.  The private villa (private pool) was designed for beachfront luxury.   The bungalows and beachfront mini villas were designed for guest privacy.  They have been described as renting a private villa….for 2 people! We even offer en-suite (or poolside) cook service…for even 2 people! Our return guests say that once they get away from a hotel environment, it would be impossible for them to go back!   Their options here abound…..cook in?  Invite the cook to cook in?  Go out for dinner? Or be able to have beer in your own refrigerator, make coffee in the mornings without having to see anything or anybody but the open and perhaps whales and pelicans.



Our little family is doing  well!  Humberto and Maria  continue to welcome faces that have visited us since the beginning.  WE ALL JUST LOVE THAT! During high season we of course  have Veronica and Victoria to  help out.  And, last summer Jose joined us and is a huge help to Humberto.  Maria’s youngest daughter is getting married this month and the excitement is mounting!

mike-and-debbie staff

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