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Casa de la Sirena, Beachfront Vacation Compound, Troncones, Mexico (Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo)

December 23rd, 2009
Troncones (Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico)

Troncones (Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico)

VOTED  # 1 International Destination by!!!!!  We are so excited here in our little village.  Please check it out at

There have been many news worthy events this year in our little slice of heaven!  On December 5th, we opened UH-Oh!! an upscale boutique on the beachfront Casa de la Sirena compound.   Brimming with Mexican arts and crafts and Troncones momentos, we are thrilled to travel this beautiful country and hand pick each and every item for our guests and clients.

We are always so happy to be a part of weddings, whether our beachfront weddings, destination weddings or have our bride and groom have the local village church officiate. The ambience of a private beachfront compound wears so well on the entire wedding party.  With one call,  our wedding planner takes away all of your stresses and allows you to become one with the waves, the sky and your loved ones.  See our section on Mexican beachfront destination weddings at     There is even a video capturing a real wedding here at Casa de la Sirena in Troncones. And we are thrilled when our brides and grooms stay and then return year after year for romantic beachfront honeymoons and anniversaries.   We have even had two babies that began here!
Mexican Beachfront Weddings Ixtapa Beachfront Weddings
Wanna get away….with family and friends???  We have the perfect venue for the perfect family re-union or celebration.  Lots of places to gather yet every room is it’s own island……the compound is known for being upscale, private romantic and FUN!  Girlfriend retreat….this is it!  En suite spa services, cook and tour services available….a perfect lost week.



So you think you want to surf??  Welcome to one of the top surfing paradises in the world!  Choose from Troncones Point, Manzaillo Bay, La Saladita, The Ranch………the list continues to grow.  See our reviews from our friends at (who, btw, are here with us every year!)  and watch their video surf trip of another great annual mexican Sirena surf trip at   Casa de la Sirena is their home away from home as they chase world class surf waves here in Troncones on our Mexican beach.

A few words about a Mexico beachfront vacation…….or, make that a picture is worth a thousand words!  Although we have an almost 40% guest return rate, one the comments we always hear from new guests that are used to large hotels, Mexican resorts or Mexican all inclusive resorts is “We cannot believe we do not have to get up at 6:00 am to put our towels on chairs to get a beachfront or poolside lounge chair”.  Not a chance here at the Casa de la Sirena compound….because that just doesn’t sound like a vacatioon to us!  The photos below is how we like to vacation!
Story Bungalows

Mini Villas

Yoga?  A perfect naturally shaded platform awaits you or your yoga group….what a perfect oceanfront yoga workshop get-a-way!!!    With spa services and cooks available… there really another choice?  Fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables abound here in our little beachfront paradise.

Group/Yoga Studio

Ixtapa Beachfront Vacation Rentals Group/Studio Yoga

Sorry if we got a little long winded on this one but we are so exited about seeing old friends and making new ones in the 2010 year!   And, all the happenings in the village!     To our old friends  and to all of our new ones that we haven’t met yet, COME SEE US AT THE #1 INTERNATIONAL VACATION DESTINATION for 2010  (per

“where the sole hits the sand” in Troncones (Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Mexico)

Casa de la Sirena Vacation Rental Compound…. Accomodations for 2 -20
Private Beachfront Villas, open air kitchens/living areas, air conditioned bedrooms, private oceanfront balconies, in room spa servcies, private cook options, concierge services available
About 1/2 way down the 3 mile stretch of Troncones Beach, just voted the #1 international destination for 2010 by,  away from the “commercial” end of the beach, but within easy walking distance of the village and all the beach restaurants…….A PERFECT LOCATION IN A PERFECT ENVIRONMENT!